Monday, November 14, 2011

What's he doing now?!?!?!?

Here's a little update for my followers. This year has been a huge struggle on many levels. The most recent developments include:
1) Another Hernia operation. Yes I had a double hernia back in 06(ish). Surprise surprise another hernia this year appeared and I just this past week was able to get rid of it, via surgery. Let's hope that's all I have to worry about for a loooong while.
2) New freelance gig. I am currently creating art for a online graphic novel for Art In Effect. I am doing background art and concept designs which we are hoping will be produced and available by December or January. More to come on that later.
3) The horror series. Progress is being made with 2 pieces completed by Halloween, 75% completion on another and 8 sketched and ready to be started.
4) Mini movie poster spoofs. 2 completed pieces(Get Billy vol. 1 & 2), will hopefully spawn at least 6 other posters. I have ideas but have not been able to start them as yet.
5) Magnets. Custom fridge magnets from nudes to super heroes, I am hoping to begin talks soon with a company about producing a series for their venue. Stay tooned for more soon.
6) Star Wars. More ideas for Star Wars themed posters and advertisements have formed as a result of some of the previous art ideas and conversations with a fellow artist. Yet to begin sketches.
Well that brings us up to date on what my creative world has to offer at the moment. There's so much more yet to be revealed and developed including contests, tee shirts, and  not to mention the last few commission pieces which are nearing completion at last.I hope to bring you guys imagery very very soon. So stay tooned and as always....
Please RESPECT the ladies!!!!