Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome October

No painting today, instead I'm taking this day to relax a bit. A month of doing 30 paintings really is exhausting. I am a fan of October, not only because it is my birth month but I love this time of year for another reason. Horror films!!! I love em and to celebrate I've just binge watched season 4 of the Walking Dead. I know I'm slow, and Netflix is to blame for adding it so late. But now that season 5 is here, and I don't have AMC I'll have to find other ways to get my fix. I've also decided to start a new series of paintings based off classic Twilight a Zone episodes. So this month you can expect to see paintings representing some of my favorites like "To Serve Man". My post might shift from daily to once or twice a week, but I will be adding new things soon. If you're not following my blog please do, and let me know some of your favorite TZ episodes or horror films. Here's a couple of sketches for some paintings I'm planning.
TZ concepts