Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bossk Study

Acrylic on canvas board 6x8"
Also decided to do a few other Star Wars characters, here's one I call the "Savage Sword of Yoda" I was inspired after looking at some work's of the great Frazetta.
Slowed down the pace with a nice Bantha ride with this Tusken Raider. Also 6x8" acrylic on canvas board.
Today's addition is a bounty hunter you probably know and love. 4/4/12 6x8" acrylic on canvas board.
Newest addition, a Bikerscout outnumbered by Ewoks

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Another DC character fan art piece. 8x10" marker and watercolor on watercolor board.

Next on the drawing board is a Super Girl piece, here's a sneak preview of her.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tail from the Crypt

Part of the horror series I'm hoping to have published someday. Marker on vellum.
Another Horror piece that's currently in the works is the "EATERS" here's a sneak preview. I may do this one in black and white as well.

New works

So I'm trying some new materials out to see how they hold up. This was done with Marker and acrylic paint on Arches watercolor board. The surface is very rough but I like it rough ;-) 8x10" I think it's a good start for a new series of hero art.