Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A challenge before the challenge

September is quickly approaching and that means another 30/30 challenge to prepare for. I was out practicing and did a painting that I will submit for another challenge. It was one started by Mr. James Gurney called the outdoor marketplace challenge. He explains it all on his blog just look up "Gurney Journey"  in it you use a limited pallet of 3 colors plus white and paint an out door marketplace. Well I chose the Morroco market place at Epcot. In the first pic you can see how the scene actually looked, next is my painting at the start then the final version. All done at the location on a very hot afternoon.
I used Grumbacher Academy series Acrylics, Titanium White, Thalo Blue, Cadmium Red Medium, and Cadmium Yellow Light.

Acrylic  6x8" 

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