Monday, August 29, 2011

CG work update-Asuka Langley Soryu

So Now that I've gotten a wacom tablet I'm doing much more computer art than traditional. Never fear, I also have 1 huge commission piece that I will post someday in the not too far future. It's completely pen and marker and one of my favorite commissions to date. The detail is taking a lot of time but hopefully will be worth it once finished.
In the mean time here's a progression of a new Evangelion piece. This one is of Asuka, the fiesty redhead pilot of Eva unit 02 (for those familiar with the series). I'm fairly happy with it but will probably go back and rework a few things.

At this stage I added her color and put her Eva unit in the background but it maybe competing too much with her. I'm also not very keen on her face but we'll see what happens as I work on her some more. Stay tooned for more.
So here's the latest addition to Asuka, I've added highlights to her suit and changed the Eva and background. I'm still questioning her face the more I look at it though.
The final version. Added some building and atmosphere very rough and loose so it's not too distracting from Asuka.

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