Saturday, August 27, 2011

New CG art....DeviantArt Contest

This is a new piece done for a recent contest on Deviant Art. The objective was to take a scribble they provided and turn it into a piece of art. This was a great excuse to put some of the tutorials and practice using my new wacom tablet, to the test. While I don't expect to win, I was more looking to add some good pieces to my Concept art portfolio. So I took the 2 squiggly lines and circle seen here...
and with some creativity made a fish.
However that wasn't enough so I made him a cyborg fish and dropped in a menacing Octopuss (my favorite aquatic animal) for some dramatic flair. Since I don't have photoshop I used the free downloadable Gimp software. It's like a watered downed photoshop but still works nicely.

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