Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween Treat #1

"Dr. F.N. Stein" makes her 1st debut illustrated appearance in this unique horror series. After a discussion with my good friend/model Cherese aka "Rubilocks" I decided to do a series of horror based pinups. This series will feature situations children should not be exposed to. Here we see this youngster sneaking his way into trouble under a hospital gurney. A little known fact for you "Dr. Stein" was inspired by my favorite horror model Wendy. I've done previous versions of her that resemble Wendy's features. I've gotten several requests at the last anime convention I attended for prints of her. I'm hoping to have these as part of a new book for next years Megacon. Very sexy and erotic pinup monsters in various situations. More to come but 1st I must finish a commission piece for a good friend. (Thanks for being patient J). Hope this teaser gets you excited for what will come next month.
 Til next time please RESPECT the ladies....


  1. Omg!! Im totally excited for this! U rock my world! Xoxo Wendy....

  2. Glad you're excited luv. Best is yet to come.