Monday, September 5, 2011


The following are examples of some of my past pinup work which became popular back when myspace was the social network of choice. I still do commissions for pinup art and am currently working on 2 huge pieces as well as a holiday themed series but more on that later.
This is Stephanie E. as "Slave Leia", she's a huge Star Wars fan and asked if I could do something themed for her collection. The piece was done with marker on vellum, and she was very excited to receive the final art. Definitely a favorite of mine as well.

This was done for The "Scarlett Harlotte" famous amongst the pirate community. After being referred to her site from a close friend and RaySee model (Rubilocks), I had to draw this stunning redhead. It was my most challenging piece up to that date back in 2009. I was pretty happy with the result and Ms. "Harlotte" was overjoyed with her rendering.

I was seeking new challenges all the time so the thought of doing series of international pinups was a great idea. I had no idea how to show their country heritage until one day I looked up the culture of the girl I was drawing at the time. One of the 1st things that popped up was a small standard image of the country's flag. So I figured the best way to keep her "Racy" and show off her country would be to drape her beautiful nude body in the flag. So I did 1 or 2 and got requests from other women wanting to be represented in the same way. To date I've done Jamaica (seen here above), Ireland, Japan, Trinidad, Belgium, Haiti, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, India, and a very challenging mixed race of America and Vietnam. I thought she would be a great challenge being a decedent of a soldier, plus the 2 countries that were at war at one time in history coming together to create one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I had to illustrate not only her beauty but combine the flags it was extremely difficult but the end result (seen below)  was an interesting one to say the least.

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