Friday, September 12, 2014

Painting 12

Came across a very nice, classic Impala the other day. I really liked the way it was parked in front of this building. It just compose itself nicely. I wouldn't mind painting this one again though.
"Illusions" gouache


  1. I like this painting. My parents use to have an old Impala i would drive. I crashed into a wall with it, and also backed out of a driveway and into another car with it. Surprised my parents let me drive after that. Anyway - I enjoy the viewpoint and the colors of your painting. Great theme for the challenge . Have a great week painting:)

  2. Thanks Bobbie, sounds like your parents are pretty understanding. Accidents will happen with new drivers.
    I'm glad you're enjoying these, they are actually inspiring me to do more and more. I just want to be able to share the idea of seeing beauty and even memories like you have, from everyday vehicles that we pass by all the time.