Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Painting 23

Too fast, too furious...that's what I felt about this painting. I painted this one as the evening closed in on me. This Mustang looked great in the daylight then within 15 minutes I could barely see my paints to get through this. Then the bright evening lights of Old town came on and changed the appearance of everything. I started to trash this piece because I felt it was so rushed I'd have to spend a huge amount of time trying to correct all the mistakes I felt I was making. But after looking at it again this one grew on me and I really like the looseness of it. Despise the time crunch of doing this in under 45 minutes I think there was some success in this, at least enough to make it a keeper.
I will be attempting this one again in the future.
"Too Fast" acrylic 5x7"

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