Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Painting 30

I made it through the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge!!!  Wow what a ride ( no pun intended). Looking back,  I learned that when it comes to painting,  it's much easier to paint what I love  as opposed to painting something I'm hired or instructed to paint. There were a few days in there that I wanted to skip and take a break, but my fellow artists were very encouraging and routed for me to keep going. Another motivating factor was that this was not for money but for my own enjoyment. I admit I was hoping someone would buy at least one painting, but now I have a nice collection of  vehicular art that I didn't have 30 days ago. I don't really think I want to part with any of these, they all mean a little something to me.  My plan will be to take a few to some local galleries to see if I can get a few displayed if not sold. But for now I'm enjoying them on my own walls.
  I think I will continue doing vehicular art paintings. Maybe not daily but I do hope the tiny audience I have here grows into a nice group of supporters.  I'd like to thank Leslie Saeta for doing this challenge, and I'd especially like to thank the ones who left comments. Your words helped keep me motivated and focused. So I'm ending this challenge with a piece I call "The End", a caboose from the train museum in Winter Garden. A good friend and I have targeted this red caboose for one of our plein air paint outs. Very nostalgic, I love old trains and had a set with a red caboose similar to this one. I hope you guys have enjoyed these 30 paintings, please let me know which ones you love, hate, or would like to see me try again. I welcome your words good or bad.
Mad luv and keep spilling the paint!
"The End" gouache 

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